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Reboot Your Core. Just like the core of a computer that controls all the processes of the system, human bodies are also a type of central processing unit, operating at a practical, efficient and most desirable speed – without freezing, locking up, crashing, etc. Yeah, right? Sometimes we shut down too. And who can do anything with a broken computer? No one can.

That’s why you are invited to reboot your life and grow your core.


Receive the power and contribute to our collective strength. Are you in? We hope so.

At The Reboot My Life Foundation, members do not pay for services.  While membership fees help to augment the cost of programs, the fees cover only a portion of the services offered annually. We understand that many members are on a path to financial independence themselves and we wish to provide support without becoming an additional burden to anyone. Donations received help us defray the cost of membership and operations and keep the organization and its mission alive.

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